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2021- My Dream Year

Finally, the year 2020 is over. After several months of lockdown (compulsory holiday­čśĺ) due to covid-19 and other unexpected problems, 2020 has finally come to an end. To be honest though, at the beginning of 2020, I was so excited because it was the beginning of a decade which I thought was a good sign. Unfortunately, I and a couple of other people was wrong.


It was that bad: the australian fires, www(iii), covid, #Endsars… and other problems made this year unfavorable. Hopefully, 2021 will and MUST be better!

2021, This year will be very promising and I feel I have what it takes to improve myself in all life aspects. True, 2020, I said I would be posting consistently and I really apologize for that. I pray, hope and believe for a good start into the 2021 season and i must give in my all-in-all. Again, I apologize for being unfaithful, but the factors were all there; I was working as a science teacher in a small school at my neighborhood and I thought I could balance the work of being a teacher and blogger, publishing and posting consistently. Again, I was wrong.

But NOW, I’ve quit my job, stopped working and from today, 1st January 2021, I’m going head on into this, posting knowledgeable, helpful, informative content and I’m not going to stop “till my bones collapse”. I am going to take this very serious.

I will design free WordPress websites for 100 people!!

Also, as compensation, I’m working on designing amazing WordPress websites for all my clients. I’m doing this for free as usual. I am going to do this for 100 people and it’s going to last for 3 months. Consider it a new year’s gift for you all. I will be posting regularly now and i will be posting regularly. See you soon. Happy New Year!!­čÄł

Adios, Amigos

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