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5 Best Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress 2021

If you’re reading this, I assume that you want to start up your website and you don’t actually have the funds to set it up. Now, pay close attention because you’re going to learn a lot of things today. First things first, anyone looking to start a website must have two basic things: web hosting and domain name. These two things are a bit technical to explain but I will try my possible best to break it down into small bits.
Picture it this way, my boi Chris wants to set up a clothing store, he needs space for his business where he gets to sell his services. To do that, he has to rent a space. Web hosting is similar to what my boi Chris is trying to do. Hosting is basically buying online space for your business (website, in this case). That space is where your potential webpages, posts, images, videos, themes, plugins…are stored. Now, I’m pretty sure you got the point.

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress 2021
5 Best Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress 2021

If you understood my “hosting” explanation, a domain name will be easier to understand. After buying space for his store, Chris needs to register it under a name, a domain name. In plain English terms, a domain name is the name of your website. For example, the domain name for this site is and this site is hosted on a web server where my website info and stuff is stored.
Now, this post isn’t for everybody, this post is for people (like me) who wants to set up their WordPress website on a budget. I’ve researched and put together 5 web hosting providers that offer to host under $100 and you can get started with right away. Please take note that these are not “cheap and flimsy” hosting providers, they are “cheap and quality” web hosting providers. This post will be focused on reviewing each and every one of them.

What is the Cheapest Web Hosting for WordPress

First on our list is Namecheap. From the name itself, you’d agree with me that their hosting plan will be cheap (and quality🙂). Namecheap offers a list of hosting plans and we will not be talking about each one, we will take about the hosting plan you need to start your WordPress website or blog today. This hosting plan is called the stellar plan which costs $1.44/mo for a 2-year duration. It comes packed with cool add-ons like a large SSD storage of 20GB, 3 websites to start with and 30-day money-back guarantee if you are no longer interested. The only downside is that it doesn’t feature a free domain extension: so you will need to purchase a domain. They have a full list of domain name like .com, .net, .online… but the .com extension cost $7.98/yr. Other domain extensions cost less but the .com is a standard extension so we’re going to use that. SSL certificate also goes for $3.88/year.

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress 2021-Namecheap
5 Best Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress 2021-Namecheap

In total, hosting and domain will be $46.38. If you’re looking to start your personal blog and you have little funds, Namecheap is perfect for you
Get Namecheap hosting here

#2- Hostinger

Hostinger is the next piece on our list. I personally use this for my website. Hostinger is known to most people and is more popular than Namecheap. In general, both offer the same service, the only difference is the hosting fee.

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress 2021-Hostinger
5 Best Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress 2021-Hostinger

The recommended hosting plan offers a single website (unlike Namecheap which offers 3 websites), 10GB of storage, free SSL certificate, an email account and 30-day money-back guarantee. This does not include a free domain, you have to purchase an extension. A .com extension cost $8.99/yr so we are going to use that. The hosting plan cost as low as $0.89/mo. This hosting plan is for 4 years. Here’s how it works, it offers less per month as the number of years increases. The 4-year plan renews at $2.99/mo so it’s still cheap. Total fees plus taxes equal $56.69.
Get Hostinger hosting here.

#3- Hostgator

The third piece on the list is Hostgator. The Hatchling plan is perfect for “hosting plans on a budget“. It’s $3.95/mo for a single year. But here’s the catch, it offers a free domain name! Yeah, so you don’t have to pay for an extension. It also offers a free SSL certificate and 45-day money-back guarantee. The only add-on you’ll have to pay for is the “Domain privacy protection“. It’s optional to pay but I recommend you go for it. It’s “very” important as it helps protect your identity online by hiding your personal contact info to avoid SPAM. The domain privacy service cost $14.95/yr. Total fee plus estimated tax gives you $66.47. It’s pretty cheap despite the add-on

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress 2021-hostgator
5 Best Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress 2021-hostgator

Get Hostgator hosting here.

#4- Bluehost

With a free domain, SSL certificate, 50GB SSD storage and an array of custom themes,Bluehost are 4th on the list with $4.95/mo for a year. Bluehost is widely known and to be cheap as it is, it’s a recommended hosting provider in our list. Although, it’s domain name renews at $17.99 a year and the hosting renews at $9.99/yr (which is kind of expensive😅), its a pretty cheap web hosting to start with.

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress 2021-bluehost
5 Best Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress 2021-bluehost

Along with the domain privacy protection fee of $0.99/mo which I mentioned earlier, the total gives $71.28 which is under $100 and so, it’s cheap
Get Bluehost hosting here.

#5- Dreamhost


Last on our list is Dreamhost. Dreamhost is really good as I’ve used it for two of my clients. So far, they’ve had no problems with it and I believe, that’s cool😌. The hosting perfect for you offer a free domain, SSL certificate, an email account as low as $1.67 per month and 97-day money-back guarantee. The free domain renews at $15.99/year
The shared starter hosting plan starts as low as $2.95/mo for 3 years which gives you a total of $93,24

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress 2021-dreamhost
5 Best Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress 2021-dreamhost

Get Dreamhost hosting here

My thoughts…

If you’re into starting your WordPress website long-term, the 4-year Hostinger plan is best for you. I’m currently using Hostinger and I feel comfortable talking about their services. If you want a hosting plan under $50, Namecheap is an option. In general, these five hosting providers are perfect, cheap, reliable and “quality“.
I should also point out that most of the links posted here are affiliate links. You don’t pay more but I earn a little commission which helps me to make more content for my little website and that, I do appreciate it 🙂✔.

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