chris gareth about me

Who I am, What I do…

I design WordPress website for free. Any type of website you need: personal blog, company website, photography portfolio, anything you want, I will help you design it. Now you must be asking, who’s this guy and why is he doing it for free?

My name is Chris Gareth a college student with an unusual interest in websites, blogs, you know, things like that (WordPress related). I started getting serious with it going through local WordPress installations like local and server press, made some few local WordPress sites in my free time. I really wanted to know more about WordPress and so, I started designing other people’s websites for free (I still do it free of charge).

So…it finally happened, November 8th, 2020, I launched my first self-hosted WordPress blog! I feel so happy because I will be able to reach and help more people by teaching them the ins and outs of WordPress and how they can be able to take charge of their own WordPress blog/websites and hence, their own personal online space.

The world is going more digital and nowadays most things are done on the internet: A gym teacher trying to reach more prospects or clients would have to set up an online space- A WordPress blog
An affiliate marketer/ digital marketer who talks about and promotes goods or services in his/her own respective niche will surely need an online platform (its quite true that most affiliate programs need their affiliates to have their own website- a clear indicator). A shop owner, a solopreneur, e.t.c all need a site set-up online to be better found and their products/services better seen and marketed.

Now, thats the whole point about this blog, this blog is made to breach the technical gap of getting started with wordpress so it becomes more beginner friendly and you too can get that info, knowledge or skill and if possible, teach other people as well.

In a couple of days, I will be dropping knowledgeable content which would help you get on well with WordPress so that it would look like child’s play…
If you’d like to get in touch, you are free to do so and I will reply to all messages. Thank you.