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10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021

Choosing the right theme for your blog is one of the most important decisions and also challenges, a blogger can encounter. In this post, I will give you the “best of the best” WordPress themes that will be perfect for your blog. These themes, as amazing as it is, is free to download and install; no paid or premium themes in this post🙂. I guarantee you that if you go over this list all through to the end, you will find “the one” WordPress theme you’ll like and I assure you, you’ll thank me later(you’re welcome by the way!).
I’ll be linking these themes in the post so that you can check them out as we go along.

Which WordPress Theme is Best for Blogging?

10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Astra
10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Astra

In my opinion and research, the number one best theme for blogging in WordPress is the Astra theme. It is the most popular theme of all time. It is a fast, lightweight and highly customizable WordPress theme with over 1.2 million installs and good user reviews
Features: As the theme with the largest library of pre-built websites, Astra offers a one-click starter site option where you can customize without coding. It is well integrated with various page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Woocommerce, Yoast and more. With this, it gives you complete freedom for your webpage layout. It is seamlessly compatible with the Gutenberg page editor which is the default WordPress editor for blogposts. It also has the “Hooks and Filter” feature which makes it perfect for developers. It’s Header and Footer builder is still on Beta release; it hasn’t really been launched but has been released to few users for testing. In summary, Astra is free, now and forever. Get started for free today!
Get Astra here.

#2- Divi

10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Divi
10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Divi

A theme with over 700,000 active installs, the Divi theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the planet (that is, next to Astra😄) To most people, it is dubbed “the ultimate WordPress page builder“. With a library of over 800 pre-made website design packs, Divi makes it easy to build, design and optimize your website very fast.
Features: It comes with its own Divi page builder so you don’t need to use any other page builder. This page builder offers outstanding features like the Drag & Drop builder on the site’s frontend, visual editing to customize your pages in real-time using dozens of unique page elements and other design options. This page builder enhances your site to be responsive. You can easily undo, redo or browse through your entire editing history to make changes. A very good feature for developers is it’s simple and unlimited custom CSS control. In summary, the Divi theme offers unlimited use, constants safe updates, rock-solid security, 24/7 premium support and other great products you can trust.
Get Divi here

#3- OceanWP

10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Oceanwp
10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Oceanwp

With over 3 million installs, oceanWp is the fastest growing WordPress theme. I personally recommend this theme for Woo-commerce bloggers. It has state-of-the-art cool features like the Native Cart popup feature and the Floating Add to Cart bar which boosts conversion rates for woo commerce-related websites. It also has the one-click install which you can use to build websites quickly from their demos. It is fully responsive for all devices, offers very fast page load time, optimized for e-commerce, SEO friendly and it has an awesome customer support team. It also has a wide range of extensions like the cookie notice, popup login, white-label extension, portfolio extension and more. The oceanwp theme works best with the Elementor page builder.
Get oceanwp here

#4- Kadence

10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Kadence
10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Kadence

This is a WordPress theme in whom I am well pleased. This is the theme I personally use for my website. The Kadence theme works for any type of blog and is compatible with aa kinds of plugins. The Kadence Blocks provides tools that enable creativity on the native WordPress editor. It also features an array of woo commerce extensions to improve your conversion rates and build a better audience.
Get Kadence here

#5- Optimizer

10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Optimizer
10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Optimizer

It is the most advanced free WordPress theme right now. It has several awesome features that will help you create an amazing blog (and a mobile-friendly one) within a few minutes. The optimizer theme is great for beginners as it helps you to build a responsive website without any technical knowledge. With the optimizer theme, you can get started with a lot of free website templates. You can design your blog with their drag & drop widgets, header customizations, theme options and more. As the name implies, it is SEO friendly, has a fast page load time, awesome customer support and it is extremely secure as it is written with the best coding practice which makes it 100% secure.
Get optimizer here

#6- Modern

10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Modern
10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Modern

With over 100,000 users, modern is perfectly suitable for the basic WordPress blog. With their standard and unique templates, you can create a clean and beautiful website. The modern theme features a built-in colour picker with unlimited colours to pick from, it also has the google font selector which you can easily change in the customizer. With their SEO structured make-up, the theme is coded to work with content and produce results. It has a responsive framework as it looks great on any device or screen size.
The modern theme supports modern browsers and works with the latest environments. With the modern theme, your website will look and feel the same way on any browser your users are going to be using to check you out. It comes packed with a list of tutorials and videos that helps you to easily get started with the modern theme.
Get the modern theme here

#7- Neve

10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Neve
10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Modern

A WordPress theme solely for business blogging, neve is a fast, lightweight theme with a sleek design and cool custom design of your website, including the header and footer. It is easy to set up, easily customizable, SEO- friendly, AMP-compatible (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and a reliable support team, It is integrated with Gutenberg and top-notch page builders like elementor, visual composer, Divi builder and more. With the Neve theme, you have complete control of your website layout, header and footer custom designs and other cool features coming up. With a collection of over 80 starter sites, you are more than ready to import any of your choices in no time. One thing I like about the starter site is that they are unique website templates and they are always adding to that collection each month
Even with its reliable updates, Neve has a 1-click rollback feature which “reverses” an update that didn’t go so well. Neve is perfect for freelancers that want an “easy to set up” and flexible theme.
Get Neve here

#8- Generate Press

10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Generate Press
10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Generate Press

With over 3 million downloads, 1000+ 5-star rating and 70,000 happy users, Generate Press is the perfect lightweight theme for your next blog project. At Generate Press- speed, security and usability are taken seriously. It is secure and stable, easily accessible and search engine optimizable. With its user-friendly features, you can take full control of your website. It is plugin compatible and it also has the hooks and filters feature for web developers. The Generate press theme is translated into 20 languages and counting. It is page builder friendly; any type of page builder works well with this theme
Get Generate press here

#9- Readable

10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Readable
10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Readable

This is a theme I recommend for fashion and lifestyle bloggers. It is designed for writers who like to share their stories on a beautiful and readable blog. It has an easy drag & drop page builder which is responsive for all devices. The Readable theme enhances and makes your articles or blog posts readable to users and visitors alike. This is backed up with cool features the right interface, font spacing, structure and layout which is perfect for lifestyle bloggers. It has a one-click import demo feature, fast loading speed, a language translator which translate into 7 languages and a professional support team. It has a contact form widget which makes it easy to contact prospects, a well-structured footer layout, comment plugin to build your loyal audience and the “Quest” feature which makes it even more “Readable”. It gives a responsive design and it is SEO optimized. It enhances cross-browser compatibility and is Cloudflare-proof which offers extra security. It boosts amazing customer support and the theme as a whole is always updated constantly.
Get Readable here

#10- Bard

10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Bard
10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs 2021- Bard

Last on this list is the Bard theme. If you’re looking into starting a blog that is related to topics on personal, lifestyle, food, fashion, travel, photography or corporate issues, this theme is for you. Essentially, it is a multipurpose and simple theme that I’ve used for some of my clients. It is a simple theme but amazing in all aspects. It is plugin-compatible, responsive for all devices and it is well coded with the best SEO practices. Bard also has amazing features like the text and image log, fullscreen slider, header image, footer menu support, GDPR compatible plugin support and many more. It works well with drag & drop page builders.
The woo commerce shop support is a bee’s hive for attracting prospective customers, users and visitors alike. It is well documented and very easy to use for WordPress beginners
Get Bard here

In Summary:

  • Astra
  • Divi
  • Oceanwp
  • Kadence
  • Optimizer
  • Modern
  • Neve
  • Generate Press
  • Readable
  • Bard

Thumbs up👍 to you if you made it to the end of the post. I believe you’ve chosen that “one” theme that works for you and your blog. You should learn how to install WordPress themes here.
Hope you enjoyed the post, If you have questions regarding the topic discussed, you can reach me here.

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