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Bluehost Review 2021: Is it Still Worth it?

Bluehost has been in operation since 2003 as one of the leading web hosting service providers. With over 2 million websites powered by Bluehost, it is a force to reckon with. This post will be focused on Bluehost itself, how it works, it’s hosting plans, prices, it’s pros and benefits as well as it’s downsides.
When starting or planning to start a website or blog, it’s not advisable to sign up any type of web hosting maybe because they’re prices are cheap or because a friend of yours uses the services or…anything. Although some are cheap and quality, it’s hard to find the good eggs. Besides, analyzing these factors can be a big plus to you when trying to start your website. Bluehost isn’t 100% perfect. Here, we’ll break down the pros and cons to see if you should get started right away with them or the opposite.

Why you should get started with Bluehost

Cheap hosting plans

I personally put Bluehost amongst my top 5 cheap hosting services providers. With the shared hosting plan for beginners, it is easy and an economical way to get your website connected to the internet

Shared hosting plansBasic planPlus planChoice planPro plan
Prices$2.95 per month$5.45 per month$6.95per month$13.95 per month
Bluehost shared hosting plans

The basic shared hosting plan features a single website, 50GB SSD storage, a free domain, SSL certificate, custom themes and 24/7 customer support. You get all these features for just $2.95 per month! The plus, choice, choice plus and pro hosting plan feature more free add-ons like a free mailbox, domain privacy, automated backups…and so much more. Although these features are free, they are very important. For instance, the free domain privacy protection for the pro plan protects your personal information from email spams and unwanted contacts, the automated backups are essential as it saves and keeps a copy of your site content at a particular date and time and restores the saved copy in case of unexpected events like system failures and crashes. In summary, the hosting plans are cheap, affordable and come with free essential tools to start with.

PLEASE NOTE: The hosting plans are stated for 36 months. What this means is that you can get hosting at these cheap prices only if you sign up for a 3-year plan. The trick here is to pay less as the term increases. Also, after a term is completed, the hosting price auto-renews at its regular rate. For example, the basic shared hosting plans originally at $2.95 per month for 3 years. After 3 years, it renews at $8.99 per month which is a pretty big jump and one I’m not entirely satisfied with.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

This is in case you’re not satisfied with their services, you can cancel your hosting plan and receive a full refund within the first 30 days. So in essence, after making a purchase, you have a full month given to you to rate, test the system and see if you like it or not.
PLEASE NOTE: Bluehost refund policy states that you can and will receive a refund only on the hosting service fee. The money spent on the add-on product doesn’t apply for a refund. That’s not all…

Bluehost Review 2021: Is it Still Worth it?

Also, take note that Bluehost do not offer refund for cancellation after the first 30 days

Recommended by WordPress

Together with Dreamhost and Siteground, WordPress handpicked these three hosting service providers for their great and unique hosting service. Being recommended by the most popular content management system on the internet means Bluehost is a good place to startup. The fact that Bluehost offers the ultimate WordPress platform and experience makes WordPress perfect for startups

Bluehost Review 2021: Is it Still Worth it?

Free WordPress site transfer and migration

As of last year April, Bluehost has begun to offer free website migrations within the first 30 days after signup. Please note that the offer includes the transfer of ONE WordPress website as additional sites will be under a paid website transfer. Emails and domain names are not included in the transfer.
Also, the website to be transferred must be hosted using (not, it should be a single site, be free from malware and transfer must be initiated within the first 30 days of signup. For more information, visit the Bluehost knowledge base here for more info.

Bluehost Review 2021: Is it Still Worth it?

Security options and features

Making your WordPress website more secure requires an understanding of what security options are available to you and Bluehost does a great job in this aspect. From the basic shared hosting to the premium dedicated hosting plan, Bluehost brings to you various set of security features to make your website secured and danger-free. Examples of security options offered by Bluehost includes an SSL certificate (which is free for all hosting plans), domain privacy and protection, automated backups, daily schedules backups, malware detection and removal…amongst others.

Bluehost Review 2021: Is it Still Worth it?

Most of these features are optional which means you might have to pay for the add-on (most plans have these add-ons free of charge). Nevertheless, these security options are add-ons which you can use to enhance your website.

Ease of use for beginners

A beginner looking to start his first website will find Bluehost very easy to use. Most web hosts are built and structured for website developers and advanced website owners but “Bluehost is home for all”. Bluehost makes setting up a website look very quick and easy. It features a beginner-friendly Cpanel interface. In essence, Bluehost is very appealing to beginners because it offers basic necessities for getting a WordPress website or blog live.

The Cons: Why you shouldn’t give it a second thought

Higher renewal rates

It’s true that Bluehost offers cheap hosting plans but their renewal fees are very high; sometimes double the price of the initial price. For example, the basic shared hosting for $2.95 renews at $8.99 per month which is more than 3x its original price. Other hosting plans go as follows…

Shared hostingInitial PriceRenewal Price
Choice plus$6.45/mo$16.99/mo
Shared hosting plan, initial and renewal prices…

The WordPress, VPS, and Dedicated hosting plans follow the same trend of renewal. In summary, for you to enjoy Bluehost services, it would be best for you to pay for a longer time frame. Be it shared, VPS or dedicated, the hosting fee is lower for 36 months than that for 24 or 12 months so that before the plan expires, you should have been able to get more value for your money

Bluehost Review 2021: Is it Still Worth it?

Site transfer and migration cost

Bluehost offers free site migration to an extent. Remember, we said it would be free for a single website. Also, email transfer isn’t free for migration. For more than one website, Bluehost usually charges you a fee. For as many as 5 websites and 20 email accounts, Bluehost charges $149.99 for it. It can be a good and bad offer at the same time. The good one being that the transfer would be carried out by Bluehost itself and it’s experts so you don’t really have to do anything at all. The bad counterpart offer is the actual fee itself which might not be possible for those of you on a budget.

Cheap hosting plan restriction

You don’t really get to enjoy certain features, service or add-ons when you go for the cheap plans. The basic shared hosting plans get you a single website. free SSL, limited storage and bandwidth compared to other hosting plans like the plus, choice plus and pro plans which offer multiple websites, unlimited storage, bandwidth, free domain privacy protection, automated backups amongst others
Sadly, Bluehost and other web hosting service providers exhibit the same services which you can consider as a “norm”

Bluehost Hosting plans and pricing

Shared Hosting

If you’re looking into starting your blog or website on a budget, this is the best place to start. shared hosting is the easiest and most economical way to get your site online with Bluehost. It features four plans: Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Pro.

The plus and choice plus plans are priced at $5.45 and $6.95 respectively per month but what makes choice plus way better is the added privacy and security features. Also, the renewal rates are not the same; plus renews at $11.99 which choice plus renews at $16.99 per month. In summary, these plans are good for beginners with various budgets. In my opinion, if you want the best plan for your money, the choice plan is the best bet for you to get started

Managed WordPress hosting

If you’re brand new to WordPress or an experienced WordPress developer with enough funds, Bluehost Wp-pro plan is needed to build and grow your professional website. With WordPress pro, you get to enjoy cool tools like SEO, email marketing and social media tools. All plans include unlimited websites, domains, subdomains and even a staging environment where you get to test your website before going live. It contains three plans: Build, Grow and Scale plans

Bluehost Review 2021: Is it Still Worth it?

These plans come with cool add-ons like the daily scheduled backups, domain privacy, unlimited web storage and unlimited traffic limits where you get to drive as much traffic to your websites. You get started with a special introductory offer starting at $19.95/mo here.
The managed WordPress hosting plans are good to start with if you have enough funds. The Grow Plan is the recommended plan

Woo commerce hosting

If you wish to build, promote and start selling from a secure online store, the woo commerce plan is one to consider. With this plan, you can get started with a mix of e-commerce tools and plugins as well as security and expert guidelines on how to run your website efficiently. It comes with two plans: Standard and Premium plan

Bluehost Review 2021: Is it Still Worth it?

These plans come packed with free and cool stuff like SSL certificate, multiple caching layers for speed, a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, google my business verification which makes your business to be found fast online. If you want to get started, the standard plan is a good avenue to start.


Bluehost Review 2021: Is it Still Worth it?

The next-gen virtual private server hosting is for people who want to enjoy increased power, flexibility and control over their websites (and also, if you have the funds). Here, you can enjoy privileges like multi-server management if you need more than one server, easily organize and edit databases directly on the server and other advanced capabilities. With Bluehost VPS, you are guaranteed resources like RAM, CPU and disk space. In essence, what I am trying to say is that you get to determine how fast your website would be. Users who use this plan are given full root access to perform commands and make configurations to their hosting environment. It comes with the Standard, Enhanced and Ultimate plan

Bluehost Review 2021: Is it Still Worth it?

These plans are well worth it for a VPS as each gets to have large storage space, RAM built essentially for speed and bandwidth that run in terabytes. The enhanced plan is the recommended dose to start with using their virtual servers

Dedicated hosting

Beyond the VPS is the dedicated hosting plan, this plan gives you an edge over VPS as it gives your website more power and is more secure. This hosting is for website owners that require the ultimate enhancement in performance, security and control. Customers with very high traffic websites are the best fit for dedicated hosting. It features the Standard, Enhanced and Premium plan with the standard plan starting at $79.99 per month.

Bluehost Review 2021: Is it Still Worth it?

With 4 CPU cores, 500GB storage, 4GB RAM, a bandwidth of 5 terabyte and 3 IP addresses. It is a good and expansive plan to start with. The enhanced plan comes with almost 2x for the standard, and therefore is recommended for dedicated hosting.

Final thoughts- Should you or should you not

In summary, I consider Bluehost to be like “a home for all” type of web host. Whether, you are a beginner, semi-beginner or an expert with experience, Bluehost is game. So I think you should check it out; see if it fits your taste. Their hosting plans are cheap although renewal is higher, you can always enjoy their services at a low cost for a lengthy period of time.
Bluehost is ideal for beginners (and experts alike), have awesome and great features, reliable 24/7 customer service and it’s budget-friendly

What are your thoughts? Did I miss something, let me know in the comment section. Questions and honest opinions about Bluehost will be welcomed in the comment section.
Most of the links on this post are affiliate links. You don’t pay more when you purchase through the links, but I get a little commission which helps me and my website alike. Thanks in advance!😀✔

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