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How to backup WordPress websites for free

To back up a site simply means to save up a copy of the website at a particular date and time period. You have to back up your site and it’s very important because it helps in case of unexpected events like your website being hacked or it crashes. That way, you just restore the backup to recover the website. In this post, I will show you how to backup your website using the following four steps in under five minutes.

Install the backup plugin

You install the free backup plugin- updraft plus. To do that, hover over the plugin menu on the horizontal menu bar and click on “Add plugin“. Then, search for “updraft plus“, “install” and “activate“.

How to backup WordPress website for free- Install the backup plugin
How to backup WordPress website for free- Install the backup plugin

Take a backup

After installing the plugin, you have to set up the plugin to take a backup. To do that, you click on “Press here to start“. It takes you to the setup area. There, you click “Backup now” to take your first backup. Make sure the first two boxes are checked (that is, the area that pops up after clicking the “press here to start” button) and click “Backup now“. Backing-up takes little time (a few seconds to minutes). After some time, a backup will be made, at a particular date and time.

How to backup WordPress website for free- Take a backup
How to backup WordPress website for free- Take a backup

Schedule an automatic backup

I highly recommend backing up regularly. It is very important because it can prevent issues like :

  • Wrong updates- Themes and plugins require updating every now and then. Updating any of them may do damage to your website.
  • Getting hacked- It’s a possibility that you cannot avoid
  • Web server breakdown- Most times, your hosting providers are the main cause
  • Random errors- Anything can happen, random errors and glitches can break down your website

To avoid server-wide threats, it is important to backup regularly. To do that, click “Go to settings“. Here, you can set how long it will take for a frequent backup; “Files backup schedule” and “Database backup schedule“. For the sake of this tutorial, I’d set both to “weekly“. Also, you set the “Retained schedule backup” to “4“. What this means is that as it’s backing up your site every week, it stores up to four of these backups so, in case of unfavourable events, you have a full month worth of backups.

How to backup WordPress website for free- Schedule an automatic backup

Next, you will scroll down to set your remote storage. when you complete a backup, you have to store them someplace safe. I recommend using “Google drive“. After completing the settings, you save the changes. You will then have to authorize access to your google drive account. To do that, follow the link under the instructions. It takes you to your Google accounts page. Choose and sign in with the email account you wish to use. After that, click “Allow” and then “Complete setup” button and that’s all. Every week, your website will always be backed-up and the back-up file would be stored in google drive.

Restore a backup

The fourth and last step can only be followed if your website has been hacked, deleted or crashed. To do that, go over to “settings” and click on “Updraftplus Backups“. Check the list of backups that have been made and choose the batch you’d want to restore and then “Restore

How to backup WordPress website for free- Restore a backup
How to backup WordPress website for free- Restore a backup

Pro Tip: Click “Rescan remote storage” in case you delete the plugin and you need to access or restore a backup.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, if you still have problems and questions, you can reach me here.
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