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How To Create Pages in WordPress and Add it To the Menu

Having a website means having segments also called pages in them. A house has various rooms in them; the same thing with websites. These pages can be the Home page, About page, Portfolio page, Contact page… and so many other types of pages. In this post, I’m going to teach you various ways you can use to create and add pages to your site. Not only that, after this post, you will be able to add these pages to the Homepage menu.

First things first, you have to log in to your WordPress Dashboard. To do that, you can simply add “/wp-admin/” to your website URL. For example,
www.example.com- website URL
www.example.com/wp-admin/– This takes you to your login page where you fill in your username and password.

WordPress Login Page

After filling the right details, it takes you directly to your dashboard which is also the back-end of your website. Now, there are two different ways in which you could start. you can start from the horizontal menu bar on your dashboard; there, you hover over the “New” menu option and click on “Page

WordPress Dashboard


You go over to the vertical menu bar on your WordPress dashboard and then hover over the “pages” menu option and click “Add New“- I think this step is easier than the first one😁

Either of these steps takes you to this page. Please note, depending on the type of theme you’re using, the design and layout might be different but it’s still the same process. I use the Astra theme that’s why it’s like this…

How to add a page on WordPress

Okay, say you want to create an About page, you just type “About” and click on “publish“. after that, you click on “publish” again. Yes, I said it, Publish two times😉

Type in the name of the page and then, publish…
Then, you publish a second time.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, you’ve got a new page- An About page!!

How to Add it to the Menu on the Homepage

Now, you’ve created a page, now’s the time to add it to the Homepage Menu and how do we do that? Go back to your dashboard, on the vertical menu bar, you hover over “Appearance” and click on “Menus“. It takes you over to the menus area.

Now then, you have to create a Menu; a menu name. you can use any name you like because it’s only you that can see it. For the sake of this tutorial, I’m going to use “2021” as my menu name. Whatever name you use, you type it in and click on “create menu”. Don’t forget to set the display location to the primary menu (or primary header). make sure you click the “create menu” to save the changes.

After creating a Menu name, you go over to the section under “Add menu items”. There, you get to see the pages you’ve created and the ones that have been there by default (Most hosting providers make the Homepage, sample, and privacy policy page default pages).
So, you click on the page you’d want to show on the Homepage i.e, “About page” and click “Add to menu“.

After adding, you click on the “save menu” icon and it’s done- The About page is live on the menu Homepage.
Now, Try it for other pages, like- Homepage, Contact, Blog… and let’s see if it’d look like this.

IT should look like this. You can hold & drag each menu item to arrange into order. After that, you click on “save menu“. This is the end result, hope yours is better than this🙂.

My blog

Adding Sub-pages

You can also add sub-pages; like pages under pages. You just go to the menu area, hold & drag the menu item (the one you intend to convert to a sub-page) under the menu item (the soon-to-be parent menu item) and then release. It will look like this after saving.

Hold & drag under to create a sub-page
A sub-page

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, If you still have problems doing it step-by-step or more questions regarding this tutorial, you can reach me here
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