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How to Login to your WordPress dashboard using the login URL

The WordPress dashboard is basically the backend of your website where you go to make customizations. In the dashboard, you can do things like:

  • Add pages
  • Add and edit posts
  • Install themes
  • Install plugins
  • Customize the front end of your site; the part where the visitors sees

Simply put, it’s like the “behind the scenes” for your site where you go in to “insert the input” to produce content, “output” for the visitors to see. Most people have trouble getting to login to their WordPress dashboard and in this post, I will show you how to do it.

To login to your WordPress website dashboard, simply add “/login/”, “/admin/”, or “/wp-admin/” to your website URL. For example:
-www.example.com- Website URL
-or, www.example.com/login/
-can also use this, www.example.com/admin/
-I use this a lot, www.example.com/wp-admin/
It takes you to the login page where you have to put in your login details- your username and password. After which, it takes you to the dashboard area.

How to login to WordPress Dashboard
How to login to WordPress Dashboard

Why can’t log in Into WordPress

Most cases, it’s due to filling in the wrong details; wrong username and password. The username is usually the email you used to purchase hosting and domain. The password is either generated by the hosting provider or generated by the user of their services (You). If you can’t remember any of these details, you should check back with your hosting provider. Their customer service is a good way to start.

Alternatively, you can also login to your WordPress dashboard from the Cpanel. The Cpanel, or control panel is the control dashboard assigned to a user when he/she starts hosting their site with the respective hosting provider. It’s like the starting point/area where you get to make changes to both the backend (WordPress dashboard) and the frontend.

How to Login to your WordPress dashboard using the login URL
How to Login to your WordPress dashboard using the login URL

Logging-in to the WordPress dashboard from the Cpanel differs from one hosting provider to the other. It’s important to check back with your hosting provider’s customer service for more information on that.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, if you still have problems and questions, you can reach me here.
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